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Investment Director

Stefan Raubenheimer


Stef is one of the world's leading practitioners in the field of climate change policy frameworks and business. He co-designed and lead the facilitation of the groundbreaking Long Term Mitigation Scenario Project for the South African Cabinet between 2005 and 2008, a project which is set to shape the economic and energy policy of South Africa, and is a world first in its approach and method. He is a faculty member of the Cambridge Business and the Environment Programme, a Director of Energy Transformations, and a senior panelist of Tokiso Dispute Resolution. Over time Stef has worked with a number of large South African corporations to interpret, understand and react to the science and policy of Climate Change.

Stef went on to establish MAPS, which is now working with the Governments of Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Chile in planning and developing their low carbon economies. He is internationally networked and known for his work in this field. Stef is CEO of SouthSouthNorth, which has been working in the field for 10 years.

In 3 Laws, Stef will take charge of a team of specialist advisors on Climate Change to help identify and select the best investment opportunities for the proposed Climate Change Fund.